Infertility Counselling Services

All-Inclusive Treatment Options

As a reliable destination of fertility care, Genesis IVF & Women’s Specialist Centre (Genesis IVF) offers an all-inclusive range of services from pre to post-treatment.


Infertility Counselling Services

Understanding Your Needs & Expectations

Making a decision to become parents is an important journey for every couple, and fertility treatments are certainly a life-changing experience. Thus, Genesis IVF emphasises on understanding your needs and expectations before you kick-start your fertility treatments through our counselling session.


Helping You Make an Informed Decision

During the counselling session, you will be furnished with the necessary information, guidance and support needed. As fertility treatments can be a life-changing experience for parents-to-be, our doctor will explain to you the implications of the suggested treatments, the procedures of the treatments involved and how it might affect you and your family. This is so that you and your spouse can make a well-informed decision.


Freedom to Express

Having an in-depth understanding of the factors that may be contributing to your fertility struggles before and after your pregnancy is important. At Genesis IVF, you are encouraged to express your thoughts freely and openly without being judged. There will not be any prejudice towards what you have to say. Most importantly, we respect your privacy and all information provided during the counselling session will be respected and kept confidential.