Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection

Embryo selection is one of the most important links within in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is the process of evaluating the quality of fertilized embryos and selecting the best embryos available within a patient cohort for subsequent transfer.

The traditional approach of IVF depends on the embryologist’s experience and observational skills. The manual assessment is guided by international grading standards or assisted by time-lapse monitoring. However, this process may not always select the best embryo from the cohort.

Lately, embryo selection using artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed. It is now used extensively to improve and automate the embryo ranking and selection procedure by extracting relevant information from embryo microscopy images. The AI starts by assessing known components of the embryo that indicate its quality, meanwhile, to detect subtle features of embryo development not discernable by the naked eye. Upon completion, the AI combines these different contributions in the right proportion to give an overall assessment – the implantation potential score (AI Score). The AI models are evaluated based on their ability to identify the embryos with the highest chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.


How does it work?

Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Embryo Selection Procedure:

  1. Microscopic images of each blastocyst will be uploaded into the AI software.
  2. Within minutes, a definitive score (AI Score) will be generated for each blastocyst based on its implantation potential and likelihood of creating a pregnancy.
  3. Blastocyst with the highest score will be chosen for transfer into the mother’s womb


Benefits of AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection

  • Patients going through IVF by using AI embryo selection can conceive more quickly.
  • It can reduce the number of IVF cycles that may be needed. Also, lessen the strain of IVF on patients and their families.
  • It helps identify the most viable embryo and assist the embryologist’s decision making.
  • Money and time savings


Indications to use AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection:

  • Patient who has experienced implantation failures.
  • Patient who has more than 1 embryo available for selection for transfer